Friday, February 11, 2005


Some interesting questions about Gannon's gay sites

Paul Johnson at raises some questions about the Gannon affair that have so far gone unmentioned in any accounts I've read.

J.D. Guckert, alias Jeff Gannon of White House press corps fame, has been noted as the owner of a number of gay military sites—,, and The reason for his ownership of the sites has been reported to have been for the benefit of a client "while he was working to set up a Web hosting business in Wilmington." John Aravosis gives the NPR version—

[NPR] "As for those Web sites, Gannon said he created them for clients of a software company he used to work for. And Gannon says his Christian faith has enabled him to receive forgiveness for the sins of his past."

As Aravosis notes, we don't know just when Guckert experienced his road-to-Damascus moment. But in any case, he kept the gay-military sites in his name while writing against gays. (If they were only for a client, why have they been taken down now?)

The presumption in the blogosphere has been that the sites were for your run-of-the-mill dating and porn and that Guckert is a hypocrite. But Johnson poses the possibility of other motives—

What has become of any membership list to his gay military sex sites? Were those sites created only to out servicemembers under "don't ask, don't tell"? Were any names turned over to the Pentagon?

Given Guckert's pro-military, anti-gay writing and his vaunted Christianity, these are not unreasonable questions to ask.

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