Monday, June 13, 2005


No translation needed

(Via Media Matters) John Nields is one of the men who prosecuted Mark Felt—the recently revealed "Deep Throat"—for authorizing illegal break-ins, otherwise known as "black-bag jobs." He wrote a piece for the Sunday Washington Post with this anecdote—
The searches were of no help in protecting our nation or enforcing the law. There was next to no basis in fact to conduct them, and they turned up nothing of any use to the FBI. At the home of a lawyer at a major New York law firm -- whose brother was a Weatherman -- the agents copied what they thought was coded writing they found on some cards and sent the copies to the FBI lab for cryptanalysis. It turned out that the lawyer had been taking Hebrew lessons. The lawyer produced the original cards at the trial and demonstrated that the FBI could have "decoded" the Hebrew without cryptanalysis by flipping the cards over and reading the English translation on the reverse side.

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