Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Finally revealed: The difference between porn and prostitution

Intuitively I've always known there was a difference between porn and prostitution. They just don't feel the same. But at last a judge has put the issue to bed.

Mark Fasso writes in the New York Law Journal

Prostitution, as traditionally defined, requires person A paying person B for sexual activity to be performed on A....

Pornography, on the other hand, involves person C paying B for sexual activity performed on A.

"In other words, prostitution is and has always been intuitively defined as a bilateral exchange between a prostitute and client," Goodman opined.

I've never tried the bilateral position, but it sounds like fun.

This certainly clears up something that's been bothering me. If a group of guys, say, go out and hire a person to perform certain acts for a friend, say, for like, well, a going-away party, is that person an actor/actress or a prostitute? Now I know.

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