Thursday, May 10, 2007


Euphemism of the Day

John McCain's national political director, Michael P. Dennehy, will step away from day-to-day duties at the campaign.... —Marc Ambinder writing in "McCain's Political Director Steps Down"

Thank god for the headline "Political Director Steps Down" or I would have completely misunderstood this one.

If I heard that a coworker had "stepped away from day-to-day duties," I would assume that either (1) the worker had received a promotion into management and would no longer be seen on the shoproom floor, (2) the worker was no longer a regular employee but had gone on contract, or (3) the worker had been polished off by management, who didn't want us to think anything extraordinary had happened when we noticed that the colleague had gone missing.

But never would I have thought it meant that the person had simply resigned!

Hats off to the staff writer (or writers) of the McCain campaign for producing what is truly the Euphemism of the Day!

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