Monday, August 27, 2007


Quotes of the Day

Gonzales gives me the impression that he is someone to whom telling the truth does not come naturally. I don’t trust him. I told him that, and I have never said that to a Cabinet member, even some highly partisan ones. —Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, as quoted by Roger Simon

It’s sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person like Alberto Gonzales is impeded from doing important work because his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons. —George Bush, as quoted by practically everybody

Who, oh who, will Bush find to replace a man like that? A man with Gonzales' talents will not be easy to find, and if found, have confirmed by the Senate.

You might enjoy reading the post "Coffin Nail of the Day" for a list of the names of possible successors that were floated by "Republicans close to the White House" in March.

CNN ran a news banner today suggesting that Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security, might be named. He was on the list, and he certainly has many of the qualities that endeared Gonzales to Bush—an ability to lie and keep his mouth shut. But he has less hope of passing the Senate than a black man has of getting out of New Orleans in a hurricane.

I would be surprised if the nominee turns out to be anyone on the list from March. As an unnamed official was quoted at the time, "I think it is going to come down to who is willing to take the job." The position has become much less attractive since then, but the administration has a plentiful supply of lowlifes looking for attention.

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