Sunday, September 16, 2007


Poem of the Day

Having come into our own, if not so meekly,
being numerous and cunning,
having rounded up and branded a maverick planet
we found conveniently running

rightful owners, therefore, if ever
such existed,
do not let it be said
we were tight-fisted

about spoils, or crowded
the losers out completely.
Note grass is permitted to grow
around our houses, if it grows neatly.

And though we cut down the sacred groves
and whisked the souls out of dog and stone,
nobody can say we didn't let the wind
go on blowing as it had blown.

And not only did we graciously leave
the sea its two-thirds,
but we said the gods could have the sky,
and there are parks for birds.

—R.E. Sebenthall,
   Acquainted with a chance of bobcats (1969)


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