Thursday, May 08, 2008


Obscenity of the Day: Jackboot High

The first high school dedicated to preparing students for the front lines in the Nation's homeland security has gone from theory to planning in Wilmington....

Curriculum choices for students, who are to be called Cadets, range from SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) through prison guard, water rescue, paramedic, fireman, professional demolition and emergency response operator, according to a Board statement.

—The Business Ledger in "Charter school will focus on homeland security" (hat tip to Feminist Peace Network)

The new school's principal appears to embody all the forces you would expect to converge in such an undertaking—jingoistic militarism, know-nothing Christianity and corporate-style management—

The first Principal of the institution is to be Dr. Fred Fitzgerald. A retired Captain in the Marine Corps, Fitzgerald teaches English, speech and debate at New Castle Christian Academy. Fitzgerald is also a former executive for Coca Cola in Jacksonville, Florida, and a former Director of Operations for the Port of Wilmington.

The school where Fitzgerald presently teaches is forthright in its beliefs, which include

The students would be well advised to focus on their jackboot studies because they will certainly have no future in science.

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