Thursday, June 12, 2008


Gas Price Effect of the Day: The four-day school week

Some Kentucky school districts are considering four-day instructional weeks to combat the rising cost of bus fuel. —unattributed story from the AP

Other districts in Kentucky have already gone to a four-day-week schedule.

Concerning Kentucky educational attainment Wikipedia reports

Education in Kentucky suffers from the same negative stigma as many other Southern states. Some statistics, such as ranking 47th in the nation in percentage of residents with a bachelor's degree and an adult illiteracy rate of about 40%, seem to justify the stereotype, while others, such as ranking 14th in educational affordability, 25th in K-12 attrition, and being named the 31st smartest state using a formula by author Morgan Quitno (ahead of western states like California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico) suggest that the stereotype may be overblown.

The author speaks of a "stereotype" but fails to mention what that stereotype is. I too will remain discreetly mum. But for whatever the stereotype is, having an adult illiteracy rate of 40% does not suggest that it is "overblown." This is Republican territory.

Now I wonder how many Kentuckians believe that Obama is a Muslim.

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