Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Prison Procedure of the Day: Determining gang status

At a hearing last week, Marc Dreier’s attorney said that his client is being held in solitary confinement until federal prison officials determine whether the Park Avenue lawyer is a gang member. —FINAlternatives in "Dreier Held In ‘Inhuman’ Solitary Confinement, Lawyer Says"

What's taking them so long? Didn't they notice the rings and the business attire?

But seriously—

Gerald Shargel said officials at the Manhattan Correction Center told him Dreier could be held in lockdown for another three weeks, held in his cell for 24 hours a day without telephone calls, visitors, or reading materials.

“How ludicrous is that?” Shargel asked during Dreier’s bail hearing. “You could lose your mind in three weeks.”

So could anyone else.

But there could be reason to deny Dreier a telephone. Before his arrest in New York, Dreier was picked up in Canada for impersonating another attorney. Reporters from the NY Times tell us that—

Being jailed in Toronto did not curb Mr. Dreier’s interest in moving money, and he feverishly worked the phones, according to court papers.

At this point, the law firm’s comptroller refused his requests to move millions of dollars. He did agree, though, to Mr. Dreier’s request to be connected to the bank that handled the law firm’s accounts, an assistant United States attorney, Jonathan R. Streeter, said in a bail hearing on Thursday. “He successfully got $10 million transferred out of an escrow account into a personal account that he controlled,” Mr. Streeter said.

That money, like all the rest, remains unaccounted for.

The Cayman Islands are lovely this time of year.

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