Sunday, May 18, 2008


Tales of a horse's ass

The Hill's gossip columnist Betsy Rothstein reported this month that the National Horse Protection League is accusing Senator Larry Craig—yes, he of the Minneapolis Airport restroom—of stalling. Stalling the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, that is. "Why won’t Sen. Craig get out of the stalls? When will he learn his lesson?" asked the League's director Soraya Gheissari in an email to the members. Can't Ms. Gheissari understand that Senator Craig just likes horsing around?

Which reminds me of a Persian friend back in the days before the Islamic Revolution. He'd grown up in a small village and loved to reminisce. I'm not sure how the topic came up, but the conversation turned to horses. He told me about a mare in the town who belonged to no one yet was loved by everyone. Everyday this horse would go from house to house for food and treats. In return the horse permitted the amorous advances of the men of the village. I don't know if Iranians eat horsemeat, but in any event I'd bet that horse never ended up as steak. There's nothing quite like small-town living, is there?


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