Saturday, August 25, 2007


False Analogy of the Day

How is it that we have the best higher education in the world and a weaker K-through-12 system? What's the difference? Why does one operate so well and the other not nearly as well? American higher education is based on a quintessential American principle—choice. —Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliano campaigning in New Hampshire, as reported by Michael Shear

The systems of higher education and K-through-12 are not analogous. The corrupt Giuliani is trying to befuddle the public, destroy public education and promote vouchers as the solution to the problems of public school education.

That voucher money Giuliani proposes to dole out is intended for the Christian academy-cum-madrasah nearest you for the training of Christofascists, who upon graduation in as little as two or three years, will be swelling the ranks of the Christo-Republican Party. Giuliani's support for vouchers must be seen for what it is: an essential part of an ongoing effort by the Republican leadership to use K-through-12 education to swell the Republican base.

Ironically, Giuliani hit upon one of the major differences between education in the public schools and higher education: choice. But the choice that differentiates them is not a choice made by the students or their parents, as Giuliani implies, but by the schools. University administrators can choose their students up to the limit the market allows. Public school administrators have no choice.

In a post from 2006 I wrote

The struggle over education is ultimately a struggle over political direction and control. Conservatives, by and large, do not fare well among the educated classes. To obtain majorities they require a mass of people who may be led to vote against their own interests.

In the U.S. racism, sexism and religion have been the Three Keys to Success for Republicans. And conservatives need to maintain a body of voters motivated by these "values." Conservatives correctly perceive that a broad public education is not in their interests. Unfortunately the Left has been slow to recognize how essential public education is to the maintenance of any pretense of democracy.

I'm more convinced of this than ever.

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