Friday, April 15, 2005


Department of Defense teaches creationism in DoD highschools

From a letter in Stars and Stripes,
As a Wiesbaden (Germany) High School student, I was shocked to read someone pleading to the Department of Defense Dependents Schools system to let its curriculum leave an important element out of one’s well-rounded science education (letter, “Why teach evolution?,” April 6).

Currently the theories of creationism and evolution are both taught, leaving room for people to fit it into their own beliefs. No teacher is forcing any student to believe evolution if they truly do not want to.

Isn't this taxpayer money being used to teach creationism? Check with your representative.

The letter to which the writer is responding is shocking in its smug embrace of ignorance—

There’s no need to debate the ins and outs of creationism vs. evolution. The knowledge of these two subjects is way beyond the scope of the human mind....

But, I’ll let you in on a little secret: When a person receives the Holy Spirit from God, they are given all the answers they will ever need.

Schools are excellent at teaching our children the skills they need to be successful in a future world, but what on earth is the benefit of teaching evolution? It’s a slap in the face to taxpayers.

Christians know what they know, and if parents teach their children well, they should be happy in the knowledge that they have done their best. Let the school systems teach the rest.

According to the article that provoked these letters, it is not the official policy of the DoD to teach creationism—
So far, the Department of Defense Education Activity is a bystander in the battle to teach an alternative to evolution in the science classroom.

“We have not been approached by people asking that we include creationism or intelligent design into the curriculum,” said Kim Day, who is in charge of the science curriculum for DODEA schools, where instruction in evolution is in line with national standards.

The use of torture, properly defined, is not an official policy of the DoD either.

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