Thursday, May 03, 2007


Quote of the Day

Thank you for coming to Florida to see us and I’m from Polk County which is the next county over…it’s agricultural…and because we’re between Tampa and Orlando, we get the glory of your consolidated media twofold. I can listen to a drug-addled hatemonger talk on the radio six different stations at a time during the day….Is this what we really want in this country, is this what we want for America?

With the destruction of the Fairness Doctrine, our media became somehow uncivilized.  Now we are at each other’s throats and it’s killing us.  We have serious things we have to take care...our broadcasting has to be open to all of us, it cannot be consolidated just for money, because you’ve pushed us too far, gentlemen, we’re going to take it back!

—Speaker at the hearing held by the Federal Communications Commission in Tampa, Florida on April 30, 2007 [transcribed by Louise Kienast]

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