Thursday, May 10, 2007


New conflict-of-interest allegations against Wolfowitz

According to reporters for the Financial Times, a classified Pentagon report has surfaced saying that—

Mr Wolfowitz told Pentagon investigators he enlisted the help of a World Bank employee with whom he had a “close personal relationship” in “activity supporting the war” in Iraq when he was deputy secretary of defence.

This is likely to be viewed as a violation of bank rules by the World Bank’s board, according to bank officials.

The name of the World Bank employee was blacked out in the report, but how many World Bank employees could "Wolfie" have been dating?

Bank officials said the board was also assessing possible conflicts of interest in 2003 when Ms Riza entered into a contract with a company that provides logistics, intelligence and advice to the Pentagon.

E-mails show the company entered into the contract at the direction of Mr Wolfowitz and following a recommendation by state department officials, including Elizabeth Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney, US vice-president. The Pentagon investigation was carried out in 2005 as Mr Wolfowitz was leaving the defence department to join the bank.

Beatrice Edwards, of the government accountability project, a non-governmental organisation, said that based on Mr Wolfowtiz’s account, Ms Riza’s work in Iraq “constitutes a violation of World Bank rules”.

It would appear that Ms. Riza is qualified to assume almost any position.


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