Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Update on "Nitpicker of the Day"

In the comments to yesterday's post reader Anonymous appears to have thrown down the gauntlet to test any claim I may have made (in a moment of folly) that I would edit for readability comments falling beneath our high editorial standards. Of course I was thinking more of copy-editing than of cryptoanalysis, but sometimes the distinction may blur—especially in the comment section of a blog.

We should not rule out, however, that "Anonymous" did not intend a challenge but instead suffers from dysgraphia, anorthographia, logagraphia or all the foregoing. These conditions may arise as the sequelae to a brain lesion or, more commonly, from an unusually high concentration of various substances that can slip across the blood-brain barrier like Carlos Castaneda crossing the Rio Grande.

If that be the case, Anonymous' comments may be a silent scream for some Simply Appalling help, which it is our duty to provide.

We have—

|-|4'/, 7|-|15 15 5UPP053D 70 b3 4//3R1(4, 7|-|3 L4||D 0Ph PhR33 5P33(|-|, r19|-|7?

followed by—

00P5 - 7'/P0 //1574

and corrected to—

|-|3'/, 7|-|1$ 1$ $UPP0$3D 70 b3 4//3r1(4, 7|-|3 L4||D 0Ph Phr33 $P33(|-|, r19|-|7?

I know you had nothing to do today, so why not help out?

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