Thursday, December 11, 2008


Commodity of the Day: Black socialites

This Year's Most Fashionable Holiday Party Accessories Are Black PeopleThe Gawker

The Gawker seems to be a vaguely liberal, New York–chic online gossip tabloid that Simply Appalling is determined not to become—even if there were money involved. But their headline caught my eye because I don't doubt the truth of it.

As befits a gossip sheet, the evidence for the headline's assertion is skimpy. Hamilton Nolan writes—

Now that Obama has been elected, a tipster inside a PR firm tells us, clients are demanding "an increased number of African Americans added to the guest list" at their holiday parties. In the spirit of hope! The email can't really be "verified," but appears genuine and is just too important not to share. This firm has even assembled an official internal "Diversified Holiday Guest List," in which they rank the top 10 acceptable black socialite attendees, in order of desirability.

Now if they put them up for auction I'll begin to worry.


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