Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Snatches from the Pink Snapper — 7

I'm sorry I haven't been able to appal you this past week, but it was not what you'd call a vacation. Among the denizens of the Snapper there've been life-changing events falling toward either end of the joy-pain continuum, but the theme was loss.

Hot Dog, who's known to have slept with every woman in the bar except the married ones—and then some, had barely received his last set of divorce papers when he discovered he was in love—only this time with a man. He's poignantly bewildered but swears that this time it's the real thing.

Johnnie Mac went to report to her probation officer last Friday only to find that her minder had been laid off because of the budget crisis.

As for layoffs—both Verl and Peanut lost their jobs, though they've been through the experience so often that they don't know whether to charge it to the recession or to business as usual.

And finally and most painfully there has been the death of someone we truly cared about, if perhaps not enough. It has left us uncertain of whom to blame or forgive.

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