Monday, May 05, 2008


Snatches from the Pink Snapper — 5

Warning: There is, as usual, some politically incorrect language at the Snapper. It is, however, the way real people talk.

It's been some time since I've given you an update on the doin's at the Pink Snapper. Since my last report Snapper men seem to have remained in the Obama camp, though Verl did mention the Rev. Wright controversy with concern. But Snapper men have rallied to the cry "Bro's befo' Ho's," and I truly believe it may help Obama. Never underestimate the power of a slogan, and especially a slogan as "politically incorrect" as this one.

While outsiders might take the view that the Sons of the Snapper are terribly racist and sexist, their behavior for the most part belies such an interpretation. The reality is that they're intensely antiauthoritarian and resent any attempt to tell them what they should think or say, which is why they don't like "libruls." Porkchop, for instance, remarked to me recently that he didn't think the government had any business telling people who they could sleep with. "Hell," he said, "I might wanna suck a dick one day, and who's to tell me I can't?!"

But I promised to survey the Snapper women's views on the election, and that I have done. Out of the 5 included in my in-depth survey, three were for Obama, one said she refused to vote for anyone (though I later learned she was an ex-felon and may have been just saving face since she can't vote at all) and the fifth said she would vote for Hillary, but only to save Obama's life.

That one caught me up short. I knew the thought was out there in the media. The Washington Times ran a story in January on Obama's security that caused some hand-wringing in the press. "[A]ssuming this topic continues to gain attention as the campaign goes on, how do you think the media should responsibly cover it?" asked one reporter-blogger. But I hadn't an inkling that it had filtered down to the Snapper. Marcia was serious. "I don't believe he'd make it to the inauguration."

This is pretty strange when you think about it. I've heard stories that some older Blacks are so convinced of the risk to Obama that they refuse to vote for him. The Washington Times story reported that one of the reasons Colin Powell refused a run for the Presidency was that his wife feared for his life. And now I find that a white Snapperette is of the same mind. Kinda makes you wonder what kind of country we're living in.

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