Monday, August 13, 2007


Underreported Story of the Day

On Wednesday night, after the police recorded a formal statement made by Ms. Aeriel identifying Mr. Carranza, they obtained an arrest warrant and descended on the street in Orange where he lives. About two dozen officers went house to house, said one neighbor, Pauline Bourne, “tearing right through them.” —Kareem Fahim and Andrew Jacobs writing in "Man and Youth Held in Killings of 3 in Newark"

I've yet to hear of an arrest warrant (or search warrant, for that matter) that authorized the police to go from house to house "tearing right through them."

The man being sought, Carranza, lived in an immigrant neighborhood, and immigrants are unlikely to protest such official lawlessness.

The story of the 4 young people shot execution style behind a school in Newark, New Jersey, has received extensive coverage and is one of those stories guaranteed to enrage the public. Terrible as the crime was, police actions such as this are a far greater threat. Reminds one of Baghdad, doesn't it?


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