Thursday, June 24, 2004


Berkeley considers prostitution; the AP takes a poke

Berkeley residents will get to express their opinion at the polls as to whether prostitution should be a crime. No matter the outcome, prostitution will remain illegal.
Robyn Few, head of the Sex Workers Outreach Project, said a win at the polls would send an important message.

"What we're trying to do is build a groundswell here in California," she said.

The Associated Press begins their story with this:

Residents of this left-leaning city...

When have you ever seen a city described as a “right-leaning city”? You haven’t, unless you read That’s right, they’re the only news outlet that has used this phrase, according to Google. On the other hand, "left-leaning city" pulls 454 hits.

I didn’t count how many news outlets were among them, but a quick scan shows that it’s not a first for the Associated Press. AP writers seem to use it when a progressive measure is under consideration in a city, as in “This left-leaning city [Seattle] joined the gay marriage fight Monday.”

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