Thursday, June 24, 2004


"Come out of her, my people" - South Carolina to secede again

Thanks to Buzzflash for alerting me to a new secessionist movement in South Carolina. Christian Exodus has announced that it's giving up on the nation and is going to focus its efforts on the godly state of South Carolina.
Rather than spend resources in continued efforts to redirect the entire nation, we will redeem States one at a time. Millions of Christian conservatives are geographically spread out and diluted at the national level. Therefore, we must concentrate our numbers in a geographical region with a sovereign government we can control through the electoral process. is orchestrating the move of thousands of Christians to reacquire our Constitutional rights and, if necessary to attain these rights, dissolve our State's bond with the union.

The group hopes to overwhelmingly affect the state elections by 2014. Should that happen, the question is--Will South Carolina secede or will they simply be asked to leave?

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