Friday, June 18, 2004


Lend Bev Harris a hand and make your vote count

I will say unreservedly that Bev Harris and her organization Black Box Voting have done more to try to assure the integrity of free and fair elections in the United States than any other individual or organization, including the U.S. Congress.

Without going into the details of her work, I'll just say that she's trying to guarantee that your vote gets counted instead of falling into a computer-generated black hole, or maybe even gets changed. If you're not familiar with her work, please click on over to her site and learn about it.

She's lining up volunteers for the August primaries, and she needs thousands of volunteers. Not all voting districts in the U.S. have problems, but there are an incredible number of them that do.

Email her and find out if you're in one of them, then volunteer to help. Her email is

Tell her I sent you!

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