Monday, June 28, 2004


Thinking of a little contest . . .

I'm thinking of starting a little contest—The Rat Catcher—to see who’s the best at predicting resignations from the Rat’s Nest. The person who catches the most rats will win the Golden Nipple award, in honor of Janis Jackson’s revelation.1

Of course, we can’t have a contest without rules, or where would we be? So I’ll try to come up with some rules, but if you can think of any good rules, send them in.


1 You can laugh all you want, but many of us were glad she did it. You can’t imagine how many men were astonished to learn what that bulge was in women’s shirts. Now we know. I even know some women who were astonished. The only people who didn’t seem surprised were the children. Is this something they're teaching in the schools, like New Math? [back]

pfffft..why would a kid be freaked out over a nipple?? Unless of course no one breast feeds anymore ....

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