Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Florida protects your privacy -- Not!

Jeb Bush's Florida, controlled by a Republican legislature, passed a law that forbids government agencies from keeping lists of gun owners.

The statute prohibits the creation or maintenance of any list, record or registry of privately owned firearms or owners of those firearms. The law took effect in May, but allowed a 60-day grace period for compliance that ended last week.

In the Florida county discussed in the news item, police dispatchers have used a system in which residences are "flagged."

The Alachua County Combined Communications Center ... used to note in its computer system when an officer went to a home where guns were present.

But keeping such notes bothered members of the National Rifle Association, which lobbied for the new law.

The work-around? The police are planning to change the flag to "weapon." But since the NRA considers kitchen knives and automobiles to be on a par with guns when it comes to weaponry, I guess just about everyone will have to be flagged.

"The Constitution is not about these so-called officer safety issues. The Constitution is about protecting law-abiding people," Hammer [the past president of the NRA] added.

The NRA will be watching law enforcement to make sure they comply....

Isn't it time that libraries and bookstores destroy any lists of the books we've read or purchased lately?

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