Monday, August 16, 2004


Carter and OAS expected to accept Venezuelan election result

I've been waiting to post again on the Venezuelan referendum until I could learn something of the reaction of Jimmy Carter and the Organization of American States (OAS). Ex-Presidents Carter and Gaviria, now head of the OAS, met with the National Election Council (NEC) early this morning but declined to speak to the press afterwards.

Finally a rumor—and since the rumor is being reported by the opposition to Chavez, I'll give it some credence. In a bitter statement Descifrado reports [Spanish],

In the next few hours the OAS and the Carter Center will make an announcement that they recognize the win of the "No" (vote), which is to say they will endorse the results put out this morning by the NEC. [my translation]

Prices on the oil futures market dropped slightly after the results of the election were announced. The oil producers primarily want stability, and they don't particularly care where it comes from.

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