Thursday, August 26, 2004


Congressman Ed Schrock's closet door swinging wider

So far the major media have held off on the outing of Ed Schrock, closeted gay Republican Congressman from Virginia. But it looks as if the pressure is building—both on the media and on Schrock.

Since Friday August 20 Virginia News Source (VNS), a right-wing site that clearly intends to serve the heavy concentration of military personnel in the Tidewater Virginia area, has been trying to get a response from Schrock to the allegation. Today's headline: 7-days and no response yea or nay from 2nd District Rep. Ed Schrock to reports he's living a secret gay lifestyle.

The site features a letter from a reader calling on Schrock to step down if the allegation be true. According to the letter, VNS reported that "A Republican insider Monday told VNS that many hardcore GOPers would vote for a gay before a Democrat..."

All of which reminded me of a tale told by Molly Ivins last year.

A board member of the ACLU of Texas was asked recently if there had been any trouble with gay bashing in Midland. "Oh, hell, honey," she drawled, "there's not a gay in Midland who will come out of the closet for fear people will think they're Democrats."

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