Monday, August 02, 2004


KidSpy — Sold out!

KIDSPY: Spy for a Day

Thursday 26 August 2004; 9 am to 3 pm Sold Out!

A fun day of secrets, surprises, and adventure awaits!

As a Spy Recruit, you will don a disguise, take on an alias, perfect a cover story, and venture forth on missions we can't reveal to the adults who may be reading this description! Operation Beat the Heat will put your spy-skills and street-smarts to the test. Code making and breaking, surveillance and counter surveillance, and even concealment device-making are just some of the challenges that await.

Ages: 9-13 No Grown-ups Allowed!

Tickets: $85 per participant*

Members of the Spy Ring --Become a Spy Family Today: $75

Space is limited – advance registration required!

*Includes activities,1 lunch, and take-home spy tools

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

What community leaders are saying—

Paul L. Vance, Superintendent of the District of Columbia Public Schools

We believe that the proposed programs for school groups will provide a unique opportunity to add an intriguing dimension to the study of history, world geography, foreign languages, special effects, computer technology and intelligence operations as possible career options...

Maudine R. Cooper, President and CEO of the Greater Washington Urban League, Inc.

.... We believe that the International Spy Museum and Malrite’s interest in working with the Urban League’s various youth and training programs will help further our ongoing objectives.


1 Activities include

  • How to identify and report Leftists in your neighborhood
  • How to track nuns
  • How to obtain a fake driver's license.


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