Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Memphis cops are clean!

Cops and firemen in Memphis, TN are apparently a lot more fun than their peers in most parts of the country.
Sunday's event, "Battle of the Shields: Memphis Firefighter and Police Fashion Gala," came under fire after a columnist from The Commercial Appeal wrote that she saw nearly nude men on stage, their private parts covered in soapsuds.

First rule: Never invite a reporter to a "fashion gala."

At least two women, Wendi C. Thomas wrote, were "hoisted in the air, their legs around men's waists." At least one person swung a badge, and others wore department pants and held nightsticks, she wrote.

Memphis police must have permission to wear their uniforms outside work, while firefighters can't wear their uniforms away from work at all.

So what's the problem? Are soapsuds the uniform there?

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