Sunday, August 08, 2004


More Turkish companies vamoosing from Iraq

The Scotsman reports that yet another Turkish trucking company is leaving Iraq to save one of the hostages.

Hasan Tarhan, a partner in the Atahan Lojistik international transportation company, which employs the driver, released a statement saying the company was pulling out of Iraq.

It is the latest in a string of Turkish companies to declare they would no longer operate in Iraq to secure the release of kidnapped staff.

The country’s truckers’ association decided to halt deliveries to the American military in Iraq following the murder of a Turkish hostage, Murat Yuce, in Iraq earlier this week.

Three other companies, whose employees were either missing or kidnapped, also said they were ceasing business in Iraq in the hopes of rescuing the workers.
The Anatolia news agency said the driver was carrying material for prefabricated homes to US troops and was abducted on August 5 on a road between Tikrit and Mosul.

The Turkish driver's union that pulled out was hauling fuel for American troops. And this latest pull-out represents at least a partial cut off in materials for reconstruction. How well do you think things are going in Iraq?

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