Thursday, August 19, 2004


Sen. Corzine says he won't run for governor of N.J.

Ever since New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey provided us a week's worth of titillation by resigning for having broken his marriage vows with an Israeli something-or-other, calls have been coming for him to step down immediately. By post-dating his resignation until November 15, McGreevey assured that a special election would not be invoked.

Hoping to capitalize on the disarray, the Republicans are clamoring for McGreevey to step down immediately. There were some Democratic voices as well, but the reason given from the Democratic side was that Sen. Jon Corzine would come in and win a special election handily.

Corzine has cooled what seems to me to be a very bad idea.

"The governor made clear in our conversation his absolute intent to serve until Nov. 15, 2004. I accept that decision as final," Corzine said in a statement.

Corzine doesn't say, however, that he wouldn't run if McGreevey changes his mind and resigns earlier.

New Jersey is pretty solidly in the Kerry camp, and it seems unlikely that a special election could upset the status quo for Kerry. But I'm not sure how certain a Democratic replacement for Corzine's Senate seat might be, and besides, this is no time to let the Republicans get away with anything.

Remember Texas!

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