Sunday, August 15, 2004


Venezuela election update

Britain's Independent is predicting a defeat for Chavez.
...exit polls showed him to be trailing the opposition by almost a million votes.
The mid-morning results showed that the opposition, already boasting an enormous 1,758,000 votes to Chavez's 798,000, is well on its way to reaching the target of 3.76 million votes it needs to oust the authoritarian, left-wing President.

No point of view in that press report, was there?

Meanwhile, the head of the National Election Council (NEC) has authorized the abandonment, if necessary, of the fingerprinting machines in order to reduce the wait to vote. He has also assured that everyone will have the opportunity to vote, even if the polling must be extended.

Jimmy Carter says,

The Carter Center has participated in more than 50 elections worldwide, and this is the biggest number of voters I have ever seen.

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