Monday, September 13, 2004


Bush administration reassures Indian plutocrats worried about outsourcing

The Economic Times of India ran a reassuring article yesterday titled "Outsourcing is here to stay: US"
Amid a fierce debate over outsourcing of jobs to countries like India in the crucial election year, US officials have assured a delegation of Indian Parliamentarians and businessmen that offshoring is here to stay despite campaign rhetoric.

The delegation, which met Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and Deputy Assistant to the President Robert Blackwill among others, was assured that outsourcing was here to stay notwithstanding campaign rhetoric which should not be confused with policy.

Besides Armitage and Blackwill, the delegation met Undersecretary for Policy at the Pentagon Douglas Feith, Undersecretary in the Commerce Department and the official in charge of US-India High Technology Cooperation Group Ken Juster and Assistant Secretary of Transportation Karan Bhatia.

At the Pentagon, the delegation had a pleasant surprise when Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz dropped in for an unscheduled meeting, Ponda said. [emphasis added]

Can it be any plainer? Outsourcing American jobs is the official policy of the Bush administration. Why isn't the press all over this?

Do you feel lied to yet?

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