Sunday, September 19, 2004


How the Left wastes its energy!

I just came from visiting a site that has a post up about the CBS-documents "controversy." (I was there to read a different post.) I was horrified to see that the document-controversy post had over 100 comments attached.

People! This issue isn't worth two hoots in a hurricane! Dan Rather had it right. The matter is about Bush's receiving special treatment, and no one at the White House has denied it.

But even that's not important. Folks who think Bush's Presidency is God-anointed don't mind if George got special treatment.

Here are some topics that people of all political stripes do care about: Iraq—at least as it relates to family members, off-shore outsourcing, poor schools, no healthcare, their children, their elderly parents, their taxes.

There are so many issues about which we need to educate ourselves, but the CBS documents are surely not among them.

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