Wednesday, September 15, 2004


NBC "makes" the news

I can't give you a link for this, because it was in one of my InBoxes that I've been trying to pare down. But this was NBC's "First Read" for September 9.
First Read: The day in politics by NBC News for NBC News

As the whole Swift Boaters episode proved, to the extent either side has to spend a news cycle or three explaining their man's military records from the past, they lose the cycle. New documents released by the White House just shy of 10:00 pm last night, after first being reported on CBS, add more fuel to the Ben Barnes/Boston Globe-revived debate over whether Bush fulfilled his National Guard obligations, which is likely to overshadow Bush's focus on the economy today and Kerry's focus on health care.

That said, as we have mentioned here before, still hanging out there largely unaddressed are Kerry's anti-war activities, which we believe pack a potentially more powerful wallop for the Vietnam vet than the ongoing story about Bush's Guard service does for Bush. [emphasis added]

This is just internal information, you understand. Only I and a few kazillion others can receive it.

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