Thursday, September 02, 2004


The way it was

Blogger software comes with this site, and I use it, since neither my computer nor my funds can handle anything better. And considering that it's free, it's damned good.

But it has, what to me is, a quirk. It dates the posts, not by when you actually post, but by when you first began the post. This is not "desired behavior," so I try to watch out for it. But yesterday it escaped me.

Hence, the post on the Nepalese was dated the 1st when it should have been dated the 2nd. And here I was, going around all day thinking I could relax because I got one good post in for the day. Only late this evening did a friend mention that she wondered what had happened to me.

So I have changed the date on the post to make it "conform." And I promise never to do it again until next time.

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