Monday, October 18, 2004


First Florida debate for Senator tonight

I doubt that anyone who is a regular reader of Simply Appalling and a Florida resident needs to watch a debate to decide who to vote for. But for political junkies, it could be interesting.

Tim Russert is to be the moderator. The one-hour debate will be broadcast live on Florida's NBC affiliates at 7 p.m. C-Span will rebroadcast it, but I don't have a schedule.

I would never dream of trying to influence anyone's vote, so I hope you will watch with an open mind. The candidates in the debate are the articulate and intelligent Betty Castor, Democrat—a former state education commissioner and former president of the University of South Florida—and her opponent, a Republican trial lawyer whose name has slipped my mind. Her opponent initially declined to debate with Russert as the moderator.

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