Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Fox network gets spanked over pixelated breasts

The FCC has ruled that Fox television has been programming content "relating to sexual or excretory functions" when children might see them. It would be far healthier and far more legal if the little tykes were watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which should also help the war effort. The FCC is proposing a $1.2 million fine.

I would spare you the details if they hadn't already been reported in the Washington Post

.... The episode was watched by an estimated 388,000 children age 11 and younger, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Yesterday, the FCC said that even though "Married by America" digitally obscured, or "pixelated" exposed breasts, the pixelation "does little to obscure the overtly sexual and gratuitous nature of the bachelor/bachelorette party scenes," the FCC wrote.

The FCC said the six-minute segment included a variety of sexual activities, including a man in his underwear on all fours being spanked by two topless strippers.

Well, better on TV than in a sex-ed class.

One Hollywood executive who works in reality television and agreed to talk only anonymously complained that viewers have more power to shield their children from scheduled television shows than they do from unexpected commercials for R-rated movies or promotions for local news shows that tout "20 dead, five raped, coming up at 11."

"The FCC is wasting time and they should recognize that as adults we can be responsible for our children. They should monitor things we don't have control over," the executive said. "It's a Fox show and people should know what they're getting themselves into."

Indeed they should. But at least half the male viewers felt that the man on all fours had been very, very bad and wondered what they could do to deserve the same.

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