Tuesday, October 12, 2004


In other media matters: Sinclair Broadcasting (updated)

If you are not aware of the decision by the owners of Sinclair Broadcasting to require all their 62 television stations to carry "Stolen Honor," a movie attacking Kerry's Vietnam record, you can get caught up by reading this Washington Post article.

According to Daily Kos, Sylvan Learning Centers has stated that it will pull its advertising. The goal is to get all advertisers off the Sinclair stations. The list of advertisers may be found here.

Sending a protest to the FCC is made easy at freepress.net.

For more actions you can take, check SinclairWatch.org

Some of the Sinclair stations were running online polls for viewer reaction. I tried them, and they've either been pulled or the servers are overwhelmed.

Cross-ownership in media markets and concentration of the media has to be stopped!

I got through to vote at the Flint, MI station, a Fox channel.

The question: Do you think Sinclair Broadcast Group should run the documentary?

Response to date: No 68%    Yes 32%

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