Saturday, October 30, 2004


International Greens urge vote for Kerry

In my Inbox yesterday was a note from "Greens for Impact" pointing to an open letter to U.S. Green party members from representatives from Australia, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

We write as Greens from across the globe who are united in their desire to see the American electorate remove George W. Bush from office.

We ask Greens in the United States to not act with the unilateralism, which Bush has made your country famous for, and see to it that Bush is defeated, for the benefit of untold people across the globe. Indeed, this year's election will be close enough that the votes and actions of Green Party members could tip the balance.

We recognize the awkward position in which the Green Party of the United States finds itself -- its members desire for it to grow as a party and movement by running candidates, but do not want to be labeled "spoilers" or do harm to those causes about which they care most. You face this dilemma because of the electoral mechanisms your country uses. Our elections make use of a variety of systems -- some proportional, some rank-ballot, some run-offs. These systems ensure representation for small parties, encourage coalition-building, and facilitate progressive change. It is only if you reform your electoral systems that you will be able to shed the “spoiler” label once-and-for-all, and be heard by the masses without qualification.

We ask you to vote Bush out of office by supporting Kerry in contested states, and to focus energies on important electoral reforms. [emphasis added]

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