Friday, October 22, 2004


This could be fun: Clinton for U.N. Secretary-General

UPI is reporting that Bill Clinton wants to be the next Secretary-General of the U.N. when Kofi Annan's term ends in 2006. According to the UPI analysis,
A Clinton candidacy is likely to receive overwhelming support from U.N. member states, particularly the Third World. Diplomats in Washington say Clinton would galvanize the United Nations and give an enormous boost to its prestige. But the former president's hopes hang on a crucial question that will not be addressed until after the presidential elections: can he get the support of the U.S. government -- a prerequisite for nomination?

The political wisdom is that a second George W. Bush presidency would cut him off at the pass. The notion of Clinton looming large in the international arena from "the glass tower" in New York would be intolerable to the Bush White House. If Democratic candidate, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., wins on Nov. 2 the prospect of Clinton as secretary-general won't exactly be welcome either, but Kerry would find it much harder -- if not impossible -- to go against it.

If this report gets back to George Bush—highly unlikely since he's on a restricted-news diet—we won't be seeing just a touch of spittle,1 he'll be frothing at the mouth.


1 Dan Payne of the Boston Globe took notes during the third presidential debate.

In final debate, President Bush sounded like candidate for school committee. Mentioned education in every answer. Several friends were bothered by spittle in corner of Bush's mouth. Not me. Looked good.


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