Tuesday, October 26, 2004


TV en rose: "A giant step for television; a small step in highheels"

In France, Pink TV, an all-gay and lesbian channel, began broadcasting Monday. There's something for everyone—reruns of "Wonder Woman" for the over-50s crowd; late-night porn for the youngsters, and plenty of culture, of course.

And they haven't left out sports. It was in the mid-70s when women sports reporters were first allowed into (some) professional locker rooms. The sports world was in such a tizzy that it was hard to find out who won the games.

Well, get ready for a replay

Pink's sports presenter, Brigitte Boreale, used to be a he but now prefers the term transgender. She wore black high heels and a miniskirt to Tuesday's launch and plans to cover the often macho world of sports "with an angle of attack that's totally different."


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