Saturday, October 16, 2004


Vote early and often

Voting in Florida begins this Monday. According to the Division of Elections,

all supervisors will begin conducting early voting in their main and branch offices 15 days before the election. In addition, supervisors may designate any city hall or public library as an early voting site; however, if so designated, these sites must be geographically located so that all voters in the county have an equal opportunity to cast a vote. Early voting will continue through the day before the election.

Early voting will be conducted at least 8 hours per day on each weekday during the early voting period and will be provided for 8 hours in the aggregate for each weekend during the period.

Voters who want to vote early should remember to bring a photo and signature identification with them.

The main office is the office of the Supervisor of Elections for your county. You may call the office to determine if there are other designated locations.

The Kerry-Edwards campaign is urging people to vote early. By voting early you will

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