Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Another Gay Storm Trooper: Finally a wedge issue

The Blue Lemur has "profiled" Daniel Gurley, National Field Director and deputy political director for the Republican National Committee. It's important to note that Gurley is not being "outed" because he's already out.

It's just that when he profiled himself on Gay.com, he was a little...oh, let's just say he's willing to die with his boots off. On the Left we are all shocked. Shocked!

The whole situation is so bizarre that I think it deserves a little analysis.

We have a political party that has just won an election touting its "moral values," which for our purposes includes but is not limited to "anything but gay." The party also mandates sexual abstinence as the solution to anything from genital warts to the megadisaster of AIDS.

So here it is that the man at the very apex of the power in the Republican machinery is a gay love-bunny. I mean, when Nelson Rockefeller died with a prostitute under his desk, the prostitute was at least a woman.

Meanwhile, the Religious Right is after Arlen Specter's ass for having suggested that an anti-abortion judge would not be put up for confirmation.

No. This is wrong. It is important that the public see that the Republicans are grandstanding while they know very well that they are riddled through and through, and at every level, with homosexuals.

In fact, it feels a lot like exposing Catholic priests, don't you think? Except in the case of the priests, it was a relatively few people who got f*#ked, while in the case of the Republican Party whole classes of people are being f*#ked.

I think the Republican Party must be forced to take a stand against its gay storm troopers, and I think the gay storm troopers need to face up to the Republican Party. This is what is known as a "wedge issue."

Liberals are shocked, and the American Left doesn't even know it's entitled to a wedge issue. (Well, actually we thought the Right had taken them all.)

But here it is, boys and girls—a gen-u-wine wedge issue. Here we have on the one hand the old-boy Republicans who could care less who anybody is sleeping with so long as they don't scare the horses and on the other hand the Religious Right which cares who everybody is sleeping with, including the horses.

This contradiction needs to be exposed. It needs to be exposed in the mass media. It needs to be discussed on Fox. It needs to be talked about in the letters-to-the-editor of your local paper. It needs to be mentioned among friends and family.

And then we have Ken Mehlman waiting in the wings....

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