Monday, November 01, 2004



I'm taking the day off tomorrow "to take the temperature of the electorate." So I thought I would leave you with a contest—to predict the Electoral College (EC) outcome.


1. Add a comment to this post and include your email.

2. Enter the number of EC-votes for Kerry vs. Bush.

As tie-breakers,

3. Enter the number of states for Kerry vs. Bush (Don't forget the District of Columbia!)

4. Enter the post-election make-up of the Senate (For example, Dem. 55, Rep. 44, Ind. 1)

5. Entries must be posted by 7 pm EST tomorrow.

6. Contest will be decided when either one of the candidates concedes or when the Supreme Court announces the winner, whichever comes first.

Prize: An authentic George H.W. Bush T-shirt from the Bush-Clinton election.

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