Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Kerry-Edwards campaign opposes Ohio recount

As reported by Pam Fessler on NPR ("Third Party Candidates Will Call for Ohio Recount")—

The Kerry-Edwards campaign also thinks a recount is unnecessary. Instead it's focusing on monitoring county election boards over the next two weeks as they come up with their final tally, which will include absentee and provisional ballots.

Daniel Hoffheimer is state legal counsel for the Kerry-Edwards campaign—

The people have spoken in Ohio. We don't expect to find any voter fraud. We're not looking for any voter fraud. We're not looking for any hidden ballots. There were many problems throughout Election Day, and there've been some since Election Day. But where we've found them I think we've pretty much solved them. Obviously our eyes are wide open.

And he says if other problems are found, the campaign hopes to get them fixed before the state certifies final results on December 3.

The Cobb and Badnerik campaigns can't officially ask for a recount until that date, but they say there's no doubt that's what they'll do.

Last week the NY Times reported
"We had cases ready to be filed," said Daniel Hoffheimer, state counsel to the Kerry campaign in Ohio. "If Sen. Kerry had decided to really go to the mat on provisional ballots, the Kerry-Edwards legal team would have looked at all the issues out there."
Again John Kerry demonstrates that free and fair elections are not among his priorities. Whether fraud has occurred or not, a recount will help reveal the extent and types of problems that have occurred.

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