Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Morning musings . . .

I'm off to a slow start today, possibly because I stayed up late at the Pink Snapper soaking up local wisdom.

The drink of the day was the Irish Car Bomb

Shot of Jamieson's Irish whiskey topped with Bailey's Irish Cream
Drop it into a pint of Guinness

When mixed properly, it should taste like chocolate milk. Chocolate milk and Coca-cola are to strange drinks as chicken is to strange meats.

But not to leave you thirsting for knowledge, MSNBC's First Read had an interesting opening today.

Like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife, isn't it (a little) ironic...

...that Arlen Specter survived tough primary and general election challenges in 2004 without having to run too far to the right, only to find himself now citing Rush Limbaugh in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, and calling to assure Pat Robertson that he will support Bush's SCOTUS nominees, in his effort to secure the Judiciary chairmanship.

...that the increased GOP majority in the Senate may cause headaches for Bill Frist.

...that after Kerry suffered some blows over his thin Senate record during the campaign, he now plans to work really hard during the lame duck.

...that DLC president Bruce Reed spoke yesterday at the centrist organization's post-election forum about a need for Democrats to become "an insurgent reform party."

...that insurgent reformer Howard Dean may bid to chair the reform-resistant DNC.

...that McCain told Imus this morning that he called Kerry after the election and Kerry hasn't returned his call

They also point to a Daily News item that says that John Ashcroft "was willing to stay on indefinitely" but the White House said no.

The deeply religious ex-Missouri senator was dubbed the "Crisco Kid" because his minister dad once anointed him with cooking oil.

The grease never wore off.

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