Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Napalm being used again in Iraq?

Al-Jazeera is reporting, based on accounts from Fallujan witnesses, that the U.S. has once again used napalm in Iraq. The U.S. was caught using a napalm-like material during the initial invasion.

But there are problems with al-Jazeera's account. First of all, they refer to "napalm gas." Napalm is not a gas; it is a gelatinized liquid. Of course, it becomes gaseous when burning, so that may be what is meant. Hard to know.

Then there is this mystery quote from Alice Mahon, a strong antiwar figure in the Labor Party.

On Saturday, Labor MPs have demanded that British Prime Minister confront the Commons over the use of the deadly gas in Fallujah.

Halifax Labor MP Alice Mahon said: "I am calling on Mr. Blair to make an emergency statement to the Commons to explain why this is happening. It begs the question: 'Did we know about this hideous weapon's use in Iraq?'"

There is no mention of this in the British press—at least that I can find—though Google has a link to an ITV story from Monday, "Hoon avoids 'naplam in Iraq' quiz," that has quite disappeared from their site.

Until we learn more, I have to treat this account with some skepticism.

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