Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I'd like that with fries—hold the prayer

Jeffrey MacDonald of the Christian Science Monitor takes a look at a new trend—

Those who crave Starbucks can step over to a kiosk at Grace Capital Church in Pembroke, N.H. At True Bethel Baptist Church in Buffalo, N.Y., the spot where the choir once sang now sells Subway sandwiches. And in more than a few picturesque meeting houses, hymns and prayers ascend through a steeple that doubles as a leased-out cellphone tower.

For-profit businesses have found their warmest church receptions among highly autonomous congregations, where closeness to God depends more on conversion than sacred space. Evangelicals have led the way in embracing Starbucks, Subway — and, at Brentwood Baptist Church in Houston, a McDonald's. Meanwhile, mainline Congregationalists have welcomed cellphone towers to many of New England's quaint steeples.

If I buy a Big Mac in church, is it tax-deductible?

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