Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Irregularities in Warren County Ohio (updated)

Warren County, you may recall, is the county that claimed it had been warned of a terrorist threat by the FBI and used this as a justification to keep reporters and other observers away from the vote count. The FBI subsequently denied having issued any such warning.

In an article in the Free Press, Richard Hayes Phillips writes,

An analyst who has all the vote data for 2000 and 2004 by precinct in several Ohio counties did a detailed analysis by precinct of the huge increase in Bush votes and margin in Warren county.

.... The analyst concludes:

"George W. Bush’’s big win in Warren County was due to one of two things –– one of the most successful voter registration drives in American political history, or stuffing the ballot box. If the vote was legitimate, the records will show it. There will be a signature in a different handwriting for every one of the 16,803 newly registered voters, and for every one of the 95,512 ballots cast. If the vote was not legitimate, there will be a shortage of punch cards in the ballot box, or duplicate handwriting on the voter rolls, or fewer registered voters than reported."

The article, frankly, is not very well written, and I suspect that the analyst is Phillips himself. Nothing wrong with that, but he really should say so if that's the case. I've sent an email in hopes of getting an answer to this.

Phillips presents some breakdowns, precinct by precinct, on his own website which may turn out to be quite interesting.

Brad Friedman at Brad Blog has discovered that two reporters from the NY Daily News are actually investigating the vote in Cuyahoga county.

In one black precinct—

... Kerry received 290 votes, Bush 21 and Michael Peroutka, candidate of the ultra-conservative anti-immigrant Constitutional Party, an amazing 215 votes!
Check out Brad's blog and the original article "Ohio tally fit for Ukraine." Friedman urges a note of thanks to the reporters Juan Gonzalez and Larry Cohler-Esses.

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