Thursday, December 09, 2004


Missing person: Marion Boyd — last seen in Canada

In 1991 the province of Ontario passed the Arbitration Act, which has been deemed to permit the implementation of sharia, the Islamic legal code, for the settlement of certain classes of disputes among the willing parties. Any such use of sharia has been anathema to a number of groups, but most especially feminist and Islamo-feminist groups. It seems a lot of Muslim women came to Canada to get away from sharia.

Ontario's attorney general Michael Bryant and the Minister Responsible for Women's Issues Sandra Pupatello appointed Marion Boyd to conduct a review of the matter and issue a report. Boyd herself was a former Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Women's Issues. The report was expected in September.

Boyd apparently held hearings in August. Well, we're now well into December and there's been neither a jot nor a tittle from Boyd.

If you should see her, ask her how the report's coming.

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